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Kickass Software. Rock'n'roll Teams.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA wants to create a work environment in which it is understood that consequent collaboration in teams will lead to optimal results. To accomplish this, we consult with our clients and support them with appropriate and collaborative software solutions. We are convinced that our actions for this must be guided by the principles of openness, trust, and self-determination.

Enterprise productivity

We are experts for corporate communications and Enterprise 2.0 and help you become more effective and efficient with innovative organizational and technical solutions.

Atlassian licenses

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is the international sales partner of the Australian software manufacturer Atlassian, developer of the enterprise wiki Confluence, the task management system JIRA and many other highly valuable software products.

Customers & References

Hundreds of satisfied customers trust //SEIBERT/MEDIA and have implemented successful projects with us. We work with more than half of the companies listed in the German Share Index (DAX), numerous other companies of all sizes are among our customers.

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