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Agile Hive - FAQ


What is Agile Hive?

Is Agile Hive an app?

Can we book an Agile Hive presentation?

How can we evaluate Agile Hive?

How can we evaluate Agile Hive in our own Jira environment?

Do we need to repurchase licenses for the components that we already have?

Is Agile Hive compatible with Data Center?

Is the introduction of SAFe a component of Agile Hive?

What is necessary for a successful Agile Hive implementation?

How does Agile Hive affect existing Jira projects?

What does a typical Agile Hive project look like?

How long does it take to introduce Agile Hive?

What support options do you offer for Agile Hive?

Link to this page: https://seibert.biz/agilehivefaq

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