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What do bees have to do with Agile Hive?

In an early brainstorming session, we asked ourselves: If our solution were an animal, what would it be?

An elephant was our first answer, but it didn't feel quite right, so we pondered further. It had to be an animal, which collaborates with its coworkers (ideally on one thing). We quickly came up with ants, termites, fish and bees. It was clear that the name had to be international and therefore in English, so terms like Swarm, Comb and Hive were our favorites.

We liked Swarm and Hive the most. We combined them into different names and looked deeper into the animal behavior. Bees particularly caught our eye in that they have a perfect task distribution and fall into different roles so that their beehive "functions". Most fascinating were the temperature controllers and house-keeping bees:

A beehive needs to stay at a constant 35 degrees celsius. The temperature controller bees flap their wings to cool the hive and maintain the right humidity, or gather together and generate the necessary heat. After 30 minutes the temperature controllers are completely exhausted and urgently need honey. It's too far to the honey in the honeycombs so house-keeping bees come into play. They give honey to the temperature controller bees from their mouths. Each house-keeping bee can resupply up to 30 temperature controllers within a 20 minute period six times. In between she returns to the honey store to refuel (source in German).

We also found it fitting that as soon as a beehive becomes too big, a new beehive is set up. This felt just like the "Agile Release Trains" (ARTs) in the SAFe framework and illustrates the extensibility of the system.

Thus it was clear that our new product name should include the term "Hive". But Hive alone is not enough. It is not unique and is unspecific. We needed to indicate the agile context and "Agile Hive" was the result.

The Agile Hive logo is in the form of a honeycomb, and represents a part of the beehive, where the interlocking colors indicate the links, transparency and collaboration between the teams.


The German Agile Hive space was released

The new public Agile Hive space was released, which will be filled with news, documentation, app downloads and a FAQ

Link to this page: https://seibert.biz/agilehivenews

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