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Agile Hive - Roadmap

For version: Version 1.4.0


The Roadmap Gadget shows the issues at the Program Level for a selected Agile Release Train separated by Program Increments (max. 4).

The columns show when which issues are scheduled and the status categories show the status of the issues.

Each tile contains the following information, each of which represents one issue:

  • Issue key (click to see the issue details)
  • Summary
  • Issue type icon

On the left-hand side of each tile there is either a blue, yellow or green line that indicates the status category:

Status category: To Do

Status category: In Progress

Status category: Done

Roadmap gadget

Gadget configuration

You can configure the following settings in this gadget:

Chart Title You can choose a title to replace the default title of this gadget.
Program Project

Only projects at the Program level can be selected from this drop-down. This directly influences the "Release 1-4" drop-downs below, which then displays the corresponding releases for selection.

Release 1 - 4 You can view up to four Releases simultaneously and select them using these drop-downs.

Roadmap gadget configuration

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