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Operation and support of Atlassian applications

Operation of the Atlassian applications

This portal page provides an overview of our system administration services in the area of installation and maintenance of Atlassian applications. We are currently in the process of revising the offers. We would be pleased to provide you with individual offers. Please use our contact form.

Operation packages

You want the best possible protection for the application and planning security for the costs?

Decide on an operating package. We provide you with a virtual appliance for operation in your infrastructure or take over hosting in a German data center. The implementation of application updates, emergency support and the associated expenses are included in the monthly price. In addition, we guarantee you different reaction and solution times.

Support packages

Would you like a support service that handles your inquiries at predictable costs?

Decide on a support package. With your guaranteed entitlement to support hours, uncomplicated support is available to you via our Service Desk Portal.

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