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draw.io Partner Knowledge Base

We are convinced that draw.io is the best diagramming solution in the entire Atlassian Marketplace.

draw.io is one of the most powerful web-based tools of its kind, it´s fast encroaching on the domain previously held by desktop solutions such as Visio.

Become a draw.io Partner

Become a draw.io Partner

Find out the benefits of a draw.io partnership and contact us to became an official partner.

Media Library

You need the darw.io logo, graphics or images. In our Media Library you will find everything you need.

Deal registration

Register your customer to get help with migrations from Gliffy to draw.io.


draw.io provides both a wealth of functionality for power users and basic features for casual users, but why is this diagram plugin right for your business? Learn more here.

Gliffy vs. draw.io

Gliffy is one of the oldest apps in the Atlassian Marketplace, but the newer draw.io is better in many ways. Compare the features of both tools and learn how you can easily switch from Gliffy to draw.io.

draw.io in a nutshell

Visit our knowledge base for further information about the diagramming app draw.io for Confluence and learn more about features, pricing, tutorials, example diagrams, app comparison, Gliffy import ...

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