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Linchpin Touch - Intranet You Can Touch

Linchpin Touch is part of the Linchpin Intranet Suite and no longer available separately.

Linchpin Touch is your customizable intranet for every employee.

Reach all of your colleagues, even those without PC workstations. 

Keep them in the loop with immediate access to the intranet.

What has previously only been accessible to those with PC workplaces, is now possible for all. Important news, interesting information, safety regulations, job opportunities, even the current menu plans are reachable with mere taps. 

Linchpin Touch uses the content directly from your Linchpin Intranet and follows the price model of Confluence.

Get more information about the features, prices, and our current reference customers here:


Get an overview of the features of Linchpin Touch and see what it is capable of.

Quick Overview

How does Linchpin Touch work, which elements make up the dashboard and what does the administrator's interface look like?

Hardware and Software Requirements

Which hardware does Linchpin Touch require and which software does it need as a prerequisite? 


Would you like to purchase Linchpin Touch for the first time, extend your support or adjust your number of users? See the current prices and user tiers. 

Try Out Linchpin Touch Now

Would you like to try Linchpin Touch for yourself? Here are several ways you can get to know Linchpin Touch better.


How are other companies using Linchpin Touch? Our reference customers would like to share their examples. 

Any Questions about Linchpin Touch?

Link to this page: http://seibert.biz/linchpintouch

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