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Social Extranet with Linchpin

Central focus - collaboration with internal and external groups

The focus of this extranet solution is to provide workspaces for projects, initiatives or other development tasks that are part of a normal workday in both classic and agile project teams. The advantage of this solution, in addition to the standard elements, is its seamless support of both internal and external teams, and the collaboration between these two groups within one uniform platform. The flexibility of the Linchpin extranet allows you to support top-down classic project rooms to collaborate with external stakeholders, as well as the modern, more flexible individualised collaboration within project rooms with external parties. However, the administrative authority over the entire extranet remains with you.

Extranet 1.0

Extranet 2.0

Control the entire extranet solution as well as the individual project and work rooms centrally through a classical management of responsibilities. All change and access requests in individual project rooms must be requested, acknowledged, released and configured from the top down.

Maintain administrative control over the entire extranet solution, and distribute the responsibility management of the individual project rooms (change and access requests, as well as access configuration) to the external partners within your system.

Target Groups


Business Partners

Allow business partners to access specific information and define common strategic goals.


Work with customers together on one platform and manage a variety of projects with different sizes and styles.


Provide access to suppliers' tasks and order information on one unified platform.

External project rooms

Work with external project teams from other companies in clearly separate project rooms. You decide whether the project rooms are managed classically (Extranet 1.0) or with outsourced (delegated) management (Extranet 2.0).

Internal project rooms

Work with internal project teams within your own company in dynamic project rooms.

Key features of the Linchpin extranet solution

Clear Terms of Use

Personalized informative dashboards

Individually definable project space templates

Top-down managed project rooms

Bottom-up managed project rooms

Meaningful and informative project profiles

Public and private file storage

Password policy management

Direct editing of files

Schedule management in project rooms

Process-driven document management

Link to this page: http://seibert.biz/extranetinfo

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